This research focuses on developing design tools that lead to more responsible products and systems that are sound to environmental needs.

A central component of this research is the collaboration between industrial design and sustainability. Most efforts in this research are done in collaboration with Prof. Callie Babbitt at the Golisano Institute for Sustainability. The objective of this collaboration is to define a methodology that integrates a responsible design process with a vast knowledge base of sustainability practices and effective planning of product life cycle.

In order to integrate and share the work related to this collaboration, a blog has been created at:


-Presentation on Education and Sustainability at IDSA International Conference – New Orleans LA (September 2011)
-Keynote Speaker and Workshop instructor at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (August 2011)
-Appointed as Extended Program Faculty at Golisano Institute for Sustainability, RIT (June 2011)
-Presented paper on sustainability and emotion at IDSA Midwest conference St.Louis, MO (April 2011)
-Presented paper on sustainable design class at U.Illinois E-Waste Symposium Champaign, IL (March 2011)
-Obtained $25,000 grant from AT&T Technology and Environment Award (March 2011)
-Students won second place in E-Waste International Design Competition at U.Illinois (2011)
-Students won first place in E-Waste International Design Competition at U.Illinois (2010)

Future plans:
-Presentation of sustainability course at Autodesk Annual Conference – Las Vegas (December 2011)
-Collaboration with Autodesk’s Eco-Workshop section
-Teach interdisciplinary course again with Prof. Callie Babbitt – RIT Golisano Institute for Sustainability
-Development of new course on sustainability for spring quarter


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